About Cindy Stifel

Like most trainers, Cindy has been around horses her whole life. Unlike most trainers, she spent 18 years as a professional horseshoer, which gave her additional insights into the way horses move. Over the years, she had the opportunity to work with many top professional reining horse trainers. Cindy brings her extensive equine knowledge, experience and a lifelong love of horses into every training session.

Cindy strongly believes that the key to every successful relationship between horse and rider starts with teaching the rider to have enough confidence to get respect from their horse. As Cindy often says, “No horse want to follow an insecure leader.”

Simply put, her mission is to help make each ride the best possible experience for both you and your horse.

Our Mission:

Creating the ultimate “user-friendly” horse!

Is your horse “user-friendly”? Here is a list of things every user-friendly horse consistently does. If asked, would you answer yes or no to each of these items:

  • Easy to catch
  • Easy to Halter
  • Leads well-ANYWHERE
  • Does not crowd or push you
  • Stands quiet to saddle
  • Easy to bridle
  • Stands quietly while tied
  • Stands quiet to mount

  • Flexes neck to the right and left softly.
  • Goes forward with courage
  • Does not spook or shy often
  • Walks, trots. lopes smoothly with soft encouragement
  • Moves right, left, forward, back
  • Moves front separate from back., back separate from front
  • Stops easily, and promptly
  • Loads easily in the trailer

Did you answer “no” to any of these items? Cindy can help you turn a “no” into a YES.

All Services Are Customized For Your Needs
Coaching for Competition

Coaching for Competition

Cindy’s trained eye, honed by years of observation, can help you “zero in” on the



Whether you’re a beginning rider learning basic skills, or a competitive rider who wishes to compete in area events, Cindy can help you become a...



The key to a successful training program is one that that promotes happy, healthy and safe horses that enjoy their work, and encourages good...

Older Horse Tune-Up

Older Horse Tune-Up

How many times do you see someone go out and spend good money on a well-trained

Video Lessons

Cindy will teach you how to ride and improve your riding with the power of video!

On occasion it is necessary to show the rider their position and how their horse is reacting to the cues the rider is giving. When this occurs Cindy will video tape the rider and conduct an interactive lesson using the video.

The results are simply amazing!

Cindy can walk a rider through the basics in an organized step by step understanding of how to ride, feel, and assist the horse to carry a rider while moving correctly.  All the money and time I had put into lessons over the years did not teach me what Cindy has taught me in a few months.   Her understanding of the horse’s way of going never ceases to amaze me.  I have observed how the horses she has worked with excel in any discipline.  I have watched her take a little trail mare and ride her over cross country jumps in a sweet relaxed way of going.  I have watched her introduce a young gelding to cutting.   Even if you only aspire to great trail rides, Cindy is the best escort you could ask for.  She can meet you where you are at as she builds your confidence to be your horse’s leader.    Kathy Tabangcura    www.crosscountryacres.com

Kathy Tabangcura

"I have only been riding with Cindy for a couple months now, and I can honestly say I've learned more in just the first few lessons from her than I have in all the lessons I have ever had throughout the years. I have never seen another trainer who knows horses so well, and can break everything down to be so understandable and easy to learn. She can watch you ride for literally seconds and know exactly what drills you need to start with and why.   In my opinion she is the BEST out there and you will be surprised how much you learn so fast!"

Denise Myrick

If you are looking to take your riding to the next level Cindy Stifel is the trainer for you. She is a no-nonsense instructor who will push you through your limits in a safe environment. If you want to be a winner, Cindy Stifel should be your competition training instructor."

Shell Brodnax
Shell Brodnax and Luke